To make your dishwasher long lasting, you have to check regular on the basis of certain time frame. Otherwise it might get problem due to hidden derbis and may not work. And you need to repalce it. So you can check the video below to know about the maintenace.

My dishwasher is a few years old and I notice it’s just not cleaning as well as it used to. When I opened it up it doesn’t really smell that fresh inside. So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna give this dishwasher a tuna. I’m going to pull out the top rack first. So it has this little catch right here. Is it just push button release. So if I remove both of them on each side. The rack come out your dishwasher might be different this is a kitchen a unit but a top rack usually comes off pretty easy. The bottom rack usually doesn’t have anything keeping it in place. You can just lift this one straight up.

First thing I want to do with my top rack is take a look at my spray or my splam has all these little holes that shoot water into the dishes on the top rack and what I’ve got is I’ve got this little piece of welding where you can use any wire or anything you have laying around the house coat hanger will actually work pretty well. I’m going to go ahead and gently stick it in. All these little holes and clean them out so I get my spray back to the way it was when I was new. A lot of times you have food or calcium deposits build up in here you’ve got heavy calcium deposits you can go ahead and soak it and Seal are but a piece of wire will clear up any clogs pretty quick.

Check the wheels on your rack. Make sure that they’re not broken or chip because you can get replacement wheels form. This one looks pretty good so we’re gonna leave them.

Inspect the rack make sure none of the coating is chipped off. If it is they sell a little touch up kits. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon they all have them. Looks like a bottle of nail polish and you can just go ahead and dab on the areas that are damaged.

Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to remove this lower spray arm mine. Actually has this little screw attachment and it moves in a clockwise direction so it’s a little deceiving first. I’m just going to remove it. And check years to see how it mounts on there. Usually they’re pretty simple. And you go. There’s the lower spray arm. See all these little holes. We’re going to do the exact same thing to them. Make sure we don’t have any food or debris in it. Because believe me cleaning these makes a huge difference. This is what. Dishwasher repairman don’t want you to know inside the dishwasher. I’m going to do the same thing. It’s going to make sure everything is clean down here like. That. A bunch of crap down here. I don’t know what it is. Looks like paper or something. But I’m going to scrape all this away clean it really good and get some food in here after I scrape it all away. I’m just going to take a little shop vac and vacuum everything. While you’re inside the dishwasher check your float valve make sure it operates freely moves up and down. You can hear a little clicking when I do that. Make sure there’s no food debris or anything caught in there.

There’s a screen in here. I want to be very careful that I doubt terror damage but make sure that this is all clean. All along the dishwasher door. You have a gasket. You wanna make sure that’s clean. So you get a good seal on your door. It’s taken a little bit of. Simple green. You can use anything you want and clean off all the gunk. All around the gasket. Clean the bottom of this storage mine really has a big accumulation of stuff. And this will definitely keep your door from closing properly. And it’s probably contributing to that smell.

Now clean the door edge. Top of the door. These dispenser panels. Commonly neglected. I’ve got a nylon bristle brush and I clean all this up as well. Now that everything’s been cleaned up. And reattach our lower spray arm.

Now I could set my basket in my lower basket back in place. I check the same thing on the lower basket as I did the upper. Make sure the wheels are all in good shape, clean. And there’s no chips to the basket holding. Up or basket slides in next. Along with the locks.

A dishwasher is pretty clean. Let’s move on to the air down. There. Here graps located at the top of your sink mine’s cleverly disguised as a soap dispenser. If you remove the top cover. You can see there was a plastic knot. That I’m going to try to remove without any tools because I’m lazy. Go ahead and unscrew that. And get a gasket here. You’re going to basically do the same thing clean everything up. Pull this gasket there’s a lot of debris. And build up here. If I pull this gasket I can go ahead and push the air gap down into the sink cabinet.

So looking under are saying here’s what our air gap looks like you’ve got two hoses attaching to it one from the dishwasher and then another one goes either to your garbage disposal or to your sink drain. It’s important that there’s air gaps clean if you’ve got any water coming out of it. That means one of these lines is clogged. I’m sure the air gap back through the sink. It’s got these two little tabs here. Use press same on the sides and then pull this top piece up. And you can go ahead and give this a good cleaning as well. Clean your gasket. Put it back on. This one’s actually probably do for a replacement. But I’ll go ahead and reinstall it for now. They’re pretty cheap. It’s worth replacing so you don’t have any leaks around your sink area. Put back locking knot. Pull it straight up this time and then you’re going to go. Put the air gap cover on. You are done.

Last thing to do is go ahead and use a disinfectant in the dishwasher. The stuff that I get is called dishwasher magic. Seven dollars on Amazon. Works great. What it does is it gets rid of all the calcium deposits the line the build up the bacteria. Follow the instructions. You just go ahead and put it in the silverware tray. Run it on a pot and pan cycle. For the hottest water possible.

You do this twice in your dishwasher is it going to operate at peak performance just like it was when it was new your dishes are going to be a lot cleaner you’re going to save a ton of money by not having service people come out and charge you crazy sums of money to do the same thing.